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Lighthouse Recovery Center exists as a community of believers who have been healed and restored by the power of Jesus Christ. We have a strong love and deep compassion for others who have been wounded and bear the scars of addiction, incarceration, compulsive behavior, and dysfunctional lifestyles. We feel that God the potter has molded our hearts to help those that have walked through similar experiences to us. 

Lighthouse Recovery Center offers a 9 month to 2-year transitional housing-recovery program for both men and women in separate facilities. We offer a supportive therapeutic living environment to those who seek to learn new, sober, and productive life patterns. 

Our residents live in an environment committed to abstinence and recovery. We offer various resources, including state licensed counselors, doctors, mentors, volunteer teachers, pastors, and other church leaders’ churches to tailor and assist each resident’s recovery. 

In addition, we provide a community of believers who have the desire to see men and women restored to life from the grips of addiction. 

We are family oriented and believe that God desires to totally reconcile dysfunctional families ready to embrace a fuller life through the power of Jesus Christ. We believe when Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth and the life,” He meant it. 

Our program aims to return its residents to the community and to their families as sober, responsible, working, law abiding citizens. We aid them with re-entry skills to become self-sufficient, to obtain employment, to find permanent lodging, and to gain permanent cessation from the use of drugs, the use of alcohol, recidivism, and dysfunctional lifestyles.

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